The Safely Working Project and Safe 6

Employee health and safety training is a critical component in maintaining a safe workplace.   Many companies have developed effective training programs that they implement themselves; other companies hire consultants and trainers; and there are those that do little or nothing.  I submit that most companies recognize that when their employees are Safely Working productivity is always better.  Cost is always a consideration, especially for small businesses.  As well, they are challenged to develop appropriate and effective training for their employees.

The problem is where to start and where to go with safety training.  There are plenty of vendors who have DVDs;  lots of publishers that offer training booklets and flyers; and certainly OSHA has hundreds of pages of guidance.  Still, who has the time to invest in sorting though catalogs, regulations, manuals and websites for assistance?  That’s where “The Safely Working Project” fills the gap.  Built around “Safe 6,” the Project offers simple and sensible guidance for employers.  Free guidance and free downloads are available at the Safely Working Community – Safe 6 Forum located at

Dave Shafer has been working for the past couple years developing The Safely Working Project.  More information is available at  You can also keep up with the Project on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  There’s nothing status quo about Trailmarker EHS.  We’re always learning, improving and enhancing so our customers get the best service available.


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