Anybody Remember the Buckets?

We’ve been using the small buckets in our field exercises for at least 25 years.  They have worked well as we can pack dozens and take them on the road.  Can’t do that with drums without a big truck.  Being small, they are a challenge to read for participants trying to characterize and map the site.  It’s easy to keep everyone busy during the exercise.

levelbexAnyway, this photo is from a HAZWOPER class we presented this week to a small group of environmental professionals.   The past 2 days was hands on with air packs, instruments and decon.  The participants were sharp and obviously came to get the most out of the training.

We’ve been presenting HAZWOPER training long before it got that nickname.  Our 40 hour course is made up of many topics as expected.  What makes our training different (and we believe better) is the way we bring everything together from topic to topic.  We make sure participants know why the information and skills are important and inter-related.  With group discussions and hands-on exercises information is applied and reinforced in a way that on-line training is incapable.

If your organization is evaluating sources of training for hazardous waste operations and emergency response to hazardous materials incidents please contact us about our programs.   While we have standard programs we make every effort to tailor the training around  your needs and requirements.  You can learn more about our Field Applications of Health and Safety Program here.


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GZI is the Training Division of Trailmarker Ltd.  We are dedicated to useful and effective health and safety training.  For 25 years GZI has been presenting quality training for organizations across the country.  Our course list includes confined space entry, respiratory protection, hazard communication, air monitoring instrument use, emergency response, fall protection and other OSHA required training.